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A Personal Ministry

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The Lord has blessed our Church with a very active Personal Ministry Team. We are involved in several outreach programs and we want to tell you about some of them. Not to boast, but to praise God for every opportunity that He is giving us to witness for Him. We praise His name for every person who we are able to reach trough these programs!
        Farmers Market.
Since 2002 we have been renting a space at the Farmers Market in Eustis every Thursday morning. We set up a table with books (a selection of Ellen White books in English as well as in Spanish, -- also “Helps to Bible Study”, “Victory Lane”, “Sky High Mystery”, etc and several different sets of Bible Studies) CDs and DVDs (we have recorded number of Evangelistic series -- presentations of Shawn Boonstra, David Ascherick, and Doug Batchelor etc. and we are duplicating them) We also hand out bookmarks and cards promoting websites such as Bibleinfo.com, "It Is Written" television program etc.
We hand out this material free to the interested people who come to our table. We do not approach people -- they come to us -- this way they feel more comfortable to take the material and the likelihood of them reading, watching, and listening to the material is much greater. We have lots of returning “customers”. They like what they read and they come back for more. We had several instances when people from other denominations took several copies of a particular book, because they wanted to use it for their study group in their church. There is a couple who comes on a regular basis and takes several books and DVDs every time -- they are sending care-packages overseas to the soldiers and they include our material in those packages. I wish there was room to share all the wonderful experiences we had, all the blessings we have shared and received with this outreach.
        Street Fest 
The City of Eustis puts on a street fest the first Friday of every month. We have a table there set up with our usual books, CDs, & DVDs (same as on the Farmers Market). We are amazed about the interest people are showing. Here also we have regular returning “customers.” Some people timidly ask: would it be OK if I took more then one, because I would like to give one to my son, daughter, or mail one to my niece etc… We not only reach people here locally, but these people in turn help us reach others all over the Nation.
In April of every year the Pathfinders set up a booth at the LakeCounty Fair. Besides introducing themselves to the community, they hand out books, CDs DVDs. Personal Ministry is supplying the material (same as at the Farmers Market).
         Christmas in the Park
In December of every year the Pathfinders organize a concert for the town of Umatilla. They have a table set up for Books, CDs DVDs (supplied by Personal Ministry).  The interest is amazing.
         Thanks Giving Baskets
Every Year in October the pathfinders go door to door and hand out a shopping bag (about 1200) with couple of books, bookmarks, DVDs and cards (supplied by Personal Ministry) in each bag. A week later they go collect the bags that were filled with food for Thanks Giving baskets for the needy.  We are including a list of all our books, CDs, DVDs available for people to request free of charge. This outreach is double fold (at least). We are witnessing to the people who are donating the goods as well as to the people who are receiving the baskets.
         Prison Ministry
We started this ministry in 2004. We started it by sending out 1,300 + “Passion of the Ages” books to prisons nation wide. We have requested the prisons to include the book in their library. In the book we included a list of 10 other books (Ellen White) that they can request free of charge.  We are also sending DVDs to the chaplains. 
We received, and are still receiving a lot of responses from the chaplains requesting sets of books for their library. Some requested one set some 200 sets, or anywhere in-between. We also receive requests from inmates frequently.  Some inmates not only request books for themselves, but for their mother, sister, girlfriend, children, or fellow inmates. 
In 2013 we mailed 1,300 + "Great Controversy" books to prisons nation wide, asking them to place the book in their library. The response was great.  Lot of chaplains were and still are asking for additional copies as well as copies of other books.  We are also receiving lot of letters from inmates as well, requesting books.
         Community Service / Personal Ministry
Our church is embarking on a new way to witess and to help members of our community.  The Lord miraculously has provided a building for our church to house Community Service.  We have many great plans, but we are starting with food distribution.  We combine this outreach with supplying spiritual food along side the physical food.  In one of the rooms Personal Ministry has set up shelves with books, DVDs, CDs for people to choose from and take home.  We also have a TV set up with sattelite service of 3ABN, as well as a DVD player to play our programs while people are waiting for their turn.  Every person's bag of food will also contain spiritual food.

There is a room available for reading, Bible Study, and praying.

         Every Opportunity
We utilize every opportunity, every event our church is involved in to witness and to share God's wonderful love and plan of Salvation.

         Member Involvement

Besides these outreach programs, we encourage our members on a regular basis to witness to everyone they come in contact with daily.  Periodically we hand out Appeal material: collections of stories, Bible verses, and Ellen White quotations that encourage us all to take advantage of every opportunity to witness for the Lord -- and thus hasten His coming.   Please visit and use the material available @ Resources to help us Hasten Jesus’ Return!    We also supply our members with the same Books, CDs, DVDs that we are using for all our outreach programs and encourage them to use these for their personal everyday witnessing. We have a bookrack setup in our church’s lobby accessible to members and visitors alike.
We can't praise God enough for all these opportunities and for the privilege of being instruments in His hands.  We praise His name for the blessing He has bestowed on all the people we witnessed to as well as on all of us who are doing the witnessing. We feel the time is short and we need to take advantage of every opportunity the Lord is supplying us with!