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Greg Ries   "A Broken and Contrite Heart"    07-21-2018

Robert Putt   "Born of the Spirit"  part 2   07-14-2018

Robert Putt   "In Remebrance of Me"    07-07-2018

Robert Putt   "Born of the Spirit"    06-30-2018

Gem Castor   "Only Trust Him"    06-23-2018

Robert Putt   "Born of the Water and the Spirit"    06-16-2018

Robert Putt   "Claiming Jesus' Wilderness Victory"    06-09-2018

Robert Putt   "Growing in Christ"  part 4   06-02-2018

Paul Hawks  "Getting Ready or Being Ready"    05-25-2018

Robert Putt / Marissa Chang   "Growing in Christ"  part 3 / Mission Trip   05-18-2018

Dan Niederman  "Pathfinder Sabbath"    05-12-2018

Robert Putt  "Do this In Remembrance of Me"    05-05-2018

Robert Putt  "Growing in Christ"  part 2   04-28-2018

Dr. George Guthrie  "The Rest of the Story"    04-21-2018

Robert Putt  "Growing in Christ"    04-14-2018

Robert Putt  "Another Angel"   part 4   04-07-2018

Robert Putt  "Another Angel"   part 3   03-31-2018

Robert Putt  "Another Angel"   part 2   03-17-2018

Robert Putt  "Another Angel"   03-10-2018

Robert Putt  "In Verity"    part 5   03-03-2018

Ryan Councell  "Following Jesus All the Way"   02-24-2018

Robert Putt  "In Verity"    part 4   02-17-2018

Robert Putt  "In Verity"    part 3   02-10-2018

Robert Putt  "In Verity"    part 2   02-03-2018

Paul Hawks  "Overcoming Religious Intolerance"   01-27-2018

Robert Putt  "In Verity"    part 1   01-20-2018

Robert Putt  "The Author and the Finisher"   01-13-2018

Tom Tavasci/FLA Strings  "Praise Him With Stringed Instruments"   1-06-2018

Dr. Mark Sandoval  "Double Crossed"   12-30-2017

Robert Putt  "And They Went With Haste"   12-23-2017

"He Is the Reason for the Season"    2017

Robert Putt  "Jesus: Eternity's Mission"  part 2   12-16-2017

Robert Putt  "Jesus: Eternity's Mission"    12-09-2017

Robert Putt  "The Holy Spirit: Why We Desperately Need Him"   part 5  12-02-2017

Robert Putt  "The Holy Spirit: Why We Desperately Need Him"   part 4  11-25-2017

Robert Putt  "The Holy Spirit: Why We Desperately Need Him"   part 3  11-18-2017

Robert Putt  "The Holy Spirit: Why We Desperately Need Him"   part 2  11-11-2017

Robert Putt  "The Holy Spirit: Why We Desperately Need Him"   11-04-2017

Robert Putt  "The Vital Role of the Holy Spirit and the Reformation"   10-21-2017

Shawn Boonstra  "The Call of God"     10-14-2017

Robert Putt "Without Blemish and Without Spot"   10-07-2017

Robert Putt "Lessons from the Life of Enoh"  part 2   9-23-2017

Robert Putt "Lessons from the Life of Enoh"  part 1    9-16-2017

Robert Putt "Hope"    9-9-2017

Robert Putt "The Sabbath: Blessed to Bless"    9-2-2017

Robert Putt / Candace Huber "Faith & Health - The Adventist Movement"   8-26-2017

Matt Parra  "Increase Our Faith"    8-19-2017

Dr. Roy Chang  "Cancer Unmasked"    8-12-2017

Greg Ries  "What is Faith"    8-12-2017

Robert Putt "Righteousness by Faith and the Cleansing of the Sanctuary"   part 4  8-5-2017

Robert Putt  "Righteousness by Faith and the Cleansing of the Sanctuary"   part 3  7-29-2017

Robert Putt  "Righteousness by Faith and the Cleansing of the Sanctuary"   part 2  7-22-2017

Robert Putt  "Righteousness by Faith and the Cleansing of the Sanctuary"   7-15-2017

Robert Putt  "Choose You this Day"   7-08-2017

‚ÄčEric Stocker  "I"    7-1-2017

Robert Putt  "Our Mission and Our Message"   part 3   6-24-2017

Robert Putt  "Our Mission and Our Message"   part 2   6-17-2017

Robert Putt  "Our Mission and Our Message"    6-10-2017

Robert Putt  "Following the Light Through Time"    6-3-2017

Paul Hawks  "O Death Where Is Thy Sting?"    5-27-2017

Jim Shearman  "The Dumb Wolf Still Speaks"     5-20-2017

Jesse Dian  "What Is Our Need?"    5-13-2017

Dennis Priebe  "What Is Possible For Us"    4-22-2017

Dennis Priebe  "How Did Christ Live?"    4-22-2017

Dennis Priebe  "What Is Sin"    4-22-2017

Dennis Priebe  "Will the Real Gospel Please Stand Up"    4-22-2017

Robert Putt  "Covered"    4-15-2017

Luis Reyes   "Blessed to be a blessing"   04-08-2017

Calvin Tylor   "Holy Scripture -- Alive With Sounds of Music"   3-25-2017

Robert Putt  "Who We  Are in Christ"    3-18-2017

Robert Putt  "Moldova for Christ"      3-11-2017

Jim Shearman  "Extra! Extra! Read All About It!"     3-04-2017

Jesse Dian "Come Out of Her My People"     2-25-2017

Greg Ries  "By Beholding"     2-18-2017

Robert Putt  "God's Last Message of Hope"    part 2  2-11-2017

Robert Putt  "God's Last Message of Hope"    2-04-2017

Paul Hawks  "Civil  Obligations, Religious Rights"    1-28-2017

Robert Putt  "The Cup is Filling Up?"    1-21-2017

Robert Putt  "What Are You Building On?"    1-14-2017

Robert Putt  "Looking Back, We Look Forward"    1-7-2017

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